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i am

(part one)

i am the silence. the last breath before sleep. essential and taken for granted, pumping oxygen past forgotten dreams.

i am the curling whisp of smoke carrying unspoken desire into lamplight. i am wishful. i am resigned...

i am the echo of laughter and the rush of memory. a treasure buried under unrequited pain. i am the moment a promise died, lost forever.

i am the guilty stone of denial. an invisable scab sheltering overwhelming regret. i am the enabler, disabling hope.

i am the dark endless night, shivering with doubt, yearning for the flame of resolve...

i am silent, alone and waiting....

(part two)

today, i am the conscious act of letting go.

i am dawns first breath, exhaling the cold and relentless night of silence. i am the pain of healing.

i am the project of self recovery reaching heaven high.

i am the vivid color of hope. i am the new skin of possibility.

i have become a silent warrior, my own protector.

i am the secret...waiting....

(part three)

tonight i am the dream gathering.

i am the spread of my hearts wing singing a final lullaby to yester-me.

i am the light shining within, warming to the welcoming of becoming me.

i am the clay of earth, the spirit of air, the oceans wave, i am the fire burning.

i am a slender current born, flowing without end into a new beginning.

i am slender current yearning,

learning to be free.

(part four)

i am new again. arriving better late than never, i am self propelled into aloneness.
i am just me, myself and i. i am music, i am chocolate, i am master and mistress, i am sight and sound and smell and touch. but i am still vulnerable, i am still needy, i am still wanting…

i am ready to move on and yet i am not. i am tethered to this space and time, a mom, a lover, a friend. i am chapters yet to end. i am learning to wait for what i dream of. i am yearning to be free of waiting…..

i am a girl, a woman, a crone all in one. i am embracing all three of me. i am learning to like and to live all three. i am hopeful and wishing the one i love see's the real me and love's me as i am. i am loving him now and tomorrow and the next day.

i am today, i am tomorrow, i am without end.