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red cordoroy

i see him standing there and my heart swells. i'm listening and i find my senses taking a tally; bold, commanding and unbelievably vulnerable. sexy as hell. he's talking too much, but we don't care :) i'm completely focused on him, we all are. who could resist! it's a night of nights with friends we love, and they love us too. and he looks so damn good in red cordoroy! i cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere but right here with this man!

he's complicated and driven, more than any other man i've known. he's hard working and incredibly generous of mind and heart. he's caring and needs caring for too...he's distant and untouchable sometimes and dammit he looks so good in red!

i love this man so :) and i'm so thankful for this time in my life. most times i don't believe i deserve to be here, but here i am! and damn it, i just love him when he's wearing his red cordoroy :)