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reality unveiled

one brief shining moment tastes like TRUTH.  then tattered pieces of life as i know it flash back to warm me like an old blanket.  this veil could write a novel based on fictional fact.  or is it factual fiction.  the trick is knowing the difference.  or is there a difference?  did reality truly slip thru the veil? 

my body isn't my own with or without a blanket.  my emotional self exists somewhere in limbo.  my psychological self is tatoo'd somewhere on a missing person flier, lost for awhile, forever?  

mirror, mirror on the wall, where the hell am I?  i mean really, where AM I?  actually, mirror, mirror, did you ever really KNOW me?  jesus, did I ever really KNOW myself?  who the hell is this standing in front of me?  standing in front of this mirror of me? 

the veil is hell on wheels.  i tell this to myself, lost somewhere in space and time.  looking back at whoever this is in the mirror.   the veil clouds all that i'm becoming and the veil hides all that i used to be.  this veil consumes ME.  it's like watching a snake eat it's own tail.

one brief shining moment of truth, swallowed.  reality unveiled.

it sucks.