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Bitches all on any given day, we terrorize our world with no thought of forgiveness or compromise, slicing through each day and sometimes each other without mercy. workplace sisters are on the front line, limping home with nicks and cuts they can't or won't explain...

I miss the days of working among men. Simple beings all, and i mean that in a good way.

In the bitch scheme of things, there is great value in working in a well blended workplace. In other words, i do and will always appeciate the positive effect of working with men of all so many ways, they save us from ourselves...and vice versa :)

That should piss off alot of bitches :) I don't care.

I know what I bring to the table....

i've experienced enough of life not to care what some of my sisters might have to say about that statement...

I am me, I have lived and experienced enough to know that attitude and understanding is everything!

Knowing oneself, especially if one is a woman is the secret to happiness. And one can be a total bitch and miserable, or one can be a bitch and a human being, and give the world (their world) a little slack and reap the benefits!

No apologies here, we are who we are! Sisters all in this place, whether we want to be or not, this is our truth and all you guys have to live with it, but you know what?

So do we.....and it's not easy, i assure you.....


p.s. However, it doesn't make working with a woman who doesn't like you any easier either, no matter how positive one's attitude is...alas, that is my current situation! :(