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Gotta Lock On It....

I've gotta lock on taking stock somehow.
My life is a jumble of boxes and shelves…

I've moved 'em , stacked 'em, emptied 'em, repacked 'em and moved 'em again,
and again, and again….

There's lots of treasures inside, I know….yet, organization remains a mystery….and oh so often my path has been one of least resistance….going with the flow seems to be my middle name, my moniker, my totally useless excuse for dreaming beyond what's packed inside my boxes on the shelves….
They're bending with the weight of memories past and probably all the possibilities of my tomorrows…
Yet, I still move 'em, repack 'em, and move 'em again and again….

I've gotta lock on taking stock somehow, someway, someday..
Today however,
I'm just too damn busy dealing with the joy of it all!

So there!
stack 'em, move 'em, again and again and again….
I've gotta a lock on it,
Well at least I plan on it anyway…cause you know, Life happens.

And joy is, well Joy is an incredible gift that's quite outside of any of these boxes i've collected....

But, you know, Life happens…and I'm working on that lock all right.....

d :)