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friends are green 

careless youth count friends like leaves in spring.  some green with envy and adoration.  true friends often overlooked in the glory of fickle hearts forming ornamental loyalties, stunted beauty all, promising forever friends....while everlasting friends wait patiently, their fingers cup our secrets in folds of fall waiting for our hearts to green. 

when fall finds beauty in the palm, forgiving green lies cradled there. bold colors of change share shades of disappointment and joy gracefully held.  when called upon, fingers unfold without judgment, revealing unconditional spring.  over and over again, timeless, unconditional seasonal love and understanding.

lucky me, to hold such love in one hand.  it's not the many leaves of spring i treasure, it's the treasure of true friends that hold me and never let me fall.  a few fingers clasped together in timeless green.