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journal entry 06-29-06

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sixth entry :) 2006...

mom, i sure do love you :) you always said angst was my muse for writing, and that hasn't changed. it just seems i don't have a whole lot of angst these days...

which is so true. i don't suffer from analysis paralysis the way i used to. although i've apparently lost the ability to spell! oh well, who cares at this point, i sure don't!

my work life has become a daily challenge, while my personal life thrives...i am so thankful for all my blessings! thank you steven for being my best friend, the one i can always count on to be real and always there and here for me!

got together tues. nite with friends from ages ago, and we had the best time! so good to connect! could be new avenues to create and grow!! sure am looking forward to the possibilities anyway:) in the meantime, i think its a good thing to 'get out of the box' one finds ones self in, ya know?

and this is just a thought about friendship...there is a certain someone i've seemingly lost in a way. it doesn't matter how often we talk or not, she and i are in different places these days and i feel like i've lost my best girlfriend cause it seems i can't be or give her what she wants and needs. i miss her so much and talking the way we used to......i'm not giving up on us though, just hope she hangs in there long enough cause i love her so.....

positive thoughts and love to all tonight...:)


d :)