On April 25 1919, 王者体育直播 copyrighted the Alma Mater co-authored by Class of 1916 alumni Joseph Hunter Brooks and Frederick Dewitt Malone.

Reared against the eastern sky
Proudly there on hilltop high,
Far above the lake so blue
Stands old Howard firm and true.

There she stands for truth and right,
Sending forth her rays of light,
Clad in robes of majesty;
O Howard, we sing of thee.

Be thou still our guide and stay
Leading us from day to day;
Make us true and leal and strong,
Ever bold to battle wrong.

When from thee we鈥檝e gone away,
May we strive for thee each day
As we sail life鈥檚 rugged sea,
O Howard, we鈥檒l sing of thee.