Centers & Institutes

Capstone Institute

A. Wade Boykin
(202) 238-5950

Center for Accounting Excellence

James Hodge, Director

Center for African Studies

Dr. Krista Johnson
(202) 238-2354

Center for Career and Professional Success (CCPS)

Dr. Kenneth Anderson, 鈥―irector

Center for Career Excellence

LaToya Turner, Director

Center for Digital Business

Etoulia Barnett, Director

Center for Drug Abuse Research

Dr. Jean Oyeamade Bailey, Director 

Center for Energy Systems and Control (CESaC)

Dr. James Momoh, Director

Center for Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT)

Dr. Kimberly Jones, Director

Center for Equitable Economy and Sustainable Society

Dr. Jevay Groom

Dr. Michael Ralph

Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Tanya Penny Woods, Director

Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, & Assessment (CETLA)

Dr. Morris Thomas, Director

Center for Financial Excellence

Curtis Kidd Telemaque, Director

Center for Insurance Education

Paul Choi, Director

Center for Journalism & Democracy

Kali-Ahset Amen, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Center for Pre-Professional Education

Clarence Lee,鈥 PhD, Director

Center for Sickle Cell Disease

Patricia Oneal, M.D., Co-Director (Clinical)
Sergei Nekhai, Ph.D. , Co-Director

Center for Wellness and Weight Loss

Terrence M. Fullum, Medical Director

Center for Women, Gender, & Global Leadership

Dr. Josephine Jarpa Dawun

Centers of Excellence
2301 Georgia Avenue Unit D, Washington DC 20001

Explore the Centers of Excellence

Clinical Skills Center

Tamara L. Owens, Director

CyberSecurity Education and Research Center (CERC)

Rajni Goel, Director and Professor

Data Science and Cybersecurity Center (DSC2)

Dr. Danda B. Rawat, Director

DoD Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (CoE-AIML)

Dr. Danda B. Rawat, Director

HBCU Center for Research, Leadership, & Policy

Melanie Carter, Associate Provost & Director of the Center for HBCU Research, Leadership, and Policy

Howard Nanoscale Science and Engineering Facility (HNF)

Formerly Dr. Gary Harris, Director

王者体育直播 at PNC National Center for Entrepreneurship

Erin Horne McKinney, Director

王者体育直播 Transportation Research Center (HUTRC)

Dr. Stephen Arhin, Director 

Marriott-Sorenson Center for Hospitality Leadership

Ashli Johnson, Executive Director

Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center

Dr. Robert Cosby, Director

NSF Engineering Research Center for Power Optimization for Electro-Thermal Systems (POETS)

Dr. Sonya T. Smith, Director and Principal Investigator

Office of Digital and Online Learning

Dr. Morris Thomas, Director

Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center

Ms. Tonija Navas, Director

Ronald Walter Center

Dr. Elsie L. Scott, Director

Simulation Center

Debra Holly Ford, Medical Director
Tamara L. Owens, Administrative Director

Small Business Development Center

Carl Brown, Executive Director

Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center

Justin Hansford, Executive Director

Warner Center for Music Business

Jasmine Young, National Executive Director

Black Congregations Resource Center

Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Ph.D., Director

Georgetown-Howard Center for Medical Humanities and Health Justice

Dana A. Williams, Ph.D., Co-Executive Director

Alisa Byers, DHSc., MLAS, Chief of Staff